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Even with an engaging story, your book needs extra push to get it off the shelves. And you can get that extra push through a thrilling video book trailer. Partner up with Lincoln Writes video book trailer services. We'll craft the perfect video book trailer that not only catches readers' attention but leaves them asking for more. Our expert team is ready when you are.

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Why use a Video Book Trailer for Promotion?

Video book trailers aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering book promotion strategies. But it is a marketing tactic that has a strong impact. Not only does it bring your story to life, but by partnering up with an expert video book trailer service, your book will surely be remembered. Don't wait for your stories to sell out. Flip the switch and let your readers wait for your story with a professional video book trailer.

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What Type of Video Book Trailers Do We Offer?

Video book trailers vary between different types. Here are the types that our team can craft for you:

Cinematic Book Trailers

This short promotional video utilizes creativity as its greatest tool. With high-quality production and out-of-the-box thinking, these videos can promote your book's intriguing plot, message, and tone, which entices viewers to read it.

BLURB Trailers

If you want something short and snappy, look no further than BLURB. These video book trailers aim to introduce the core message of your book and catch the viewers’ attention.

Author Profile

Making a video on the reason for the book can be another way to catch the reader's eye. These trailers showcase the author's journey, highlighting the significant events that fueled the fire for creating the book.

Animated Trailer

Animation trailers can be a great way to bring your words to life. The colorful visuals can strongly promote genres like fantasy, sci-fi, and children's literature.

What’s Our Video Book Trailer Process?

If you want to know more about how we make a video book trailer from scratch. Here’s a roadmap of how we help with book trailers.

Order Details

After clicking the link, you'll start your video book trailer journey. We'll take the time to discuss the requirements for your trailer. And use it to create a trailer that'll make an impact.

Building Concept

After taking in all the requirements, we'll assign an expert to lead your project. They'll study your book deeply and pick out ideas that can create anticipation in the audience.

Video Script Creation

Next, we'll take those ideas to create a captivating video script. Our screenwriters will write a comprehensive video script based on your story. After creation, we'll send you the script for approval.

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With your approval, we'll then use the script to create your book trailer. Using engaging visuals and narration, we'll recreate the script into a draft video book trailer.

Music & Extra Effects

After finishing the draft, we'll add the music and other effects to enhance its quality. We'll take the time to review and refine it to perfection.

Final Approval

After having a final piece, we'll send it back for review and approval. We'll edit the final video book trailer to ensure your complete satisfaction. With us, you'll receive the finest product at the end.

Want to Introduce your Book with a Bang

Use our Book Trailer Services to Entice your Audience for your Upcoming Masterpiece!

At Lincoln Writes, we know how an engaging book trailer can entice viewers. Your masterpiece deserves a grand entrance, and a professionally crafted video book trailer is the perfect way to do it.
Our expert team utilizes their expertise and knowledge to create compelling trailers that leave the audience wanting more. We'll use appealing visuals, intriguing plot, clearly voiced narration, and sound effects to introduce your story to the world. You're sure to see your number of readers skyrocket through our carefully crafted video book trailers. Our services are just a click away.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of making a video book trailer depends on many factors, such as production, animation, narration, and video length. However, you can get your video book trailer made at a fair price with our video book trailer services.

We make a video book trailer through these simple steps:
1. Taking order details
2. Generating video ideas
3. Writing a video script
4. Producing the video trailer
5. Adding sounds and effects
6. Sending it for final review

You can use several platforms to promote your book's video trailer. If you have an author's site, it's the perfect place to use your trailer. In addition, you can also share it on popular social media platforms.

Book trailers are an effective marketing tactic to build reader anticipation for your book. They are easily shareable, which can help generate a fan following. In addition, these trailers can grab viewers' attention and introduce them to the target audience and others. With so many benefits, it makes them the perfect tool for book promotion.

So Why Wait for your Books to Sell When You Can Flip the Switch and Make your Reader Wait for Them?

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