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Everyone has a story to tell. It's time you let your creative ideas flow. Be it a screenplay, poem, or novel, we can transform your ideas into creative stories that woo the hearts of millions. Our fiction writing services are ready to help you navigate your creative journey from the idea phase to a full-fledged custom-written piece.

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At Lincoln Writes, we believe everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can attach pieces of ideas to form a full-fledged story. If this sounds like you, you can use our top-of-the-line fiction writing services to achieve your writing dreams.

Our savvy writers will sit with you and jot down your ideas, understanding your vision, goal, and aim for the story. Then, through our detailed writing phase, we'll prepare a ghostwriting fiction book for publishing.

It doesn’t matter what piece of content you need, be it a poem, novel, or screenplay; our experts, with utmost care and quality assurance, will provide you with the piece per your requirements.

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What Kind of Genres do we Include in our Fiction Writing Services?

Not every story is the same; each follows a specific genre. What do we mean by that? Well, genres are defined as specific writing styles following a specific model. Here are some common genres that we cover in our fiction writing services.

Romance Fiction Writing Service

These stories revolve around two basic elements. The first is a central love story and an emotionally satisfying ending. However, these elements aren't set in stone and can be changed per your idea. Take the aid of our experts to write compelling pieces of romance fiction writing.

Science Fiction Writing Service

Science fiction or Sci-fi is a genre focusing on imagined elements, usually advanced science and futuristic technology. In science fiction writing, writers usually focus on elements such as word building, ethical dilemmas, and scientific plausibility. Get the help of our content specialist if you’re facing hardships with developing the next Dune.

Fantasy Fiction Writing Service

This genre is similar to Sci-fi, as it also includes nonexistent elements. However, these stories revolve around magical beings and fairy tales. The key element of fantasy fiction writing is creating it as descriptive as possible. Our fiction ghostwriting services can provide the aid you need to create the next fantasy masterpiece.

Here’s how we Design Ideas into Stories with Our Fiction Writing Services

Don’t keep your ideas to yourself. Share it with us. Here’s what to expect from the design process for story generation:

Author-Client Relationship

We sit down with you to listen to your requirements. These include the ideas and expectations you have, while also offering our insights.

Customization and Flexibility

We understand that each story has different requirements, so we consider a specialized approach during fiction writing service compared to a cookie-cutter one.

Research Techniques

Based on your story, our ghostwriters will extensively research the idea to prepare a fiction enriched with accurate information and vivid descriptions.

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Confidentiality and Rights

As we bring your story to life, we ensure your intellectual property is safe throughout the fiction writing process.

Ongoing Support

Your feedback is crucial for your project; rather than completely handling the project alone, we'll keep our communication lines open throughout the fiction writing process.

Cultural Inclusivity

We respect diversity and inclusivity. That’s why our fiction ghostwriting service experts come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Through their involvement, we'll prevent your story from becoming monotonous.

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Have a great story that readers will love. Expert ghost writing services can make it a reality. Just share your idea and let our fiction writing experts take care of the rest. We’ll be there every step of the way, from idea generation to final draft to delivery. Share your story with the world with Lincoln Writes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fiction ghostwriting is a professional writing service in which an experienced writer, known as a ghostwriter, uses your ideas to create pieces of fiction based on our requirements. If you need aid in preparing fiction stories, don't hesitate to contact Lincoln Writes.

There are several reasons for the audience to read fiction pieces. Entertainment is among the main ones. If you have an idea for a story, let us bring it to life with our fiction writing services.

Several key features to consider in fiction writing include imagination, word building, characters, plot construction, etc. Often, these key elements can make it complex to write fiction stories. Get in touch with Lincoln Writes for aid in creating your fiction story.

need a Short Story or a Full-Blown Novel- Experience Quality Writing with our Fiction Writing Services

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