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We are home to critically acclaimed ghostwriters who can turn your imagination into a captivating bestselling book. We at Lincoln Writes understand there’s nothing like giving your personal touch to a story. Even if you are done with the writing part, it’s crucial that your book goes out to the world in its best form. Our specialized editors will help you polish your work and make it the jewel of every bookstore.

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Who are Ghost Writers?

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Are you feeling skeptical about hiring ghostwriters? Let us help you understand what ghostwriters do.

A ghostwriter is a professionally trained writer who writes on another person’s behalf. Contrary to popular misconceptions, ghostwriters do not take credit from the person who hires them to get the job done. Once the job gets done, ghostwriters for books can not claim that the work is their intellectual property.

Lincoln Writes is a professional ghostwriting company home to specialist ghostwriters for books, articles, blogs, social media posts, and web content. We take pride in being one of America's most trusted ghostwriting companies. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try and see what we can offer.

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Most Reliable Ghostwriting Services USA

As one of the finest ghostwriting agencies in the USA, our commitment to offering quality ghostwriting services goes beyond writing. We believe that when you decide to hire ghostwriters, you should have a clear understanding of how we operate.


As a professional ghostwriting company, we understand the importance of clarity and transparency. This is why our dedicated ghostwriter will spend time understanding your writing needs. Our expert and affordable ghostwriter will guide you through the entire process, trying to get on the same page as you. They will help you with each step making your satisfaction their utmost priority.

Project Management

Hiring Ghost Writers from Lincoln Writes means that your writing project is in safe hands. Our ghostwriters for books, blogs, articles, and social media will utilize all the tools and expertise to provide you with the finest quality finished product.

Project Execution

Our goal is to give you premium quality ghostwriting services. This aim drives our professional writers to progress in a way that matches your ideology. Our talented team of writers starts with a complete understanding of the project and sends you the drafts for review purposes. Furthermore, they warmly cater to every revision request to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Are you thinking of hiring ghostwriters? As one of the most celebrated ghostwriting services in the USA, we remain bound to carry a professional and tailored writing approach to each project. We understand that each project has its unique demands. This is why our affordable ghostwriters stay committed to offering you the finest work possible.

Home to Premium and Affordable Ghostwriting Services USA

Our dedication and commitment to producing innovative content make Lincoln Writes the best-ghostwriting company in the USA. For us, our clients and their satisfaction are vital ingredients.

Everyone at Lincoln Writes understands that every client has differing writing tastes and requirements.

Our gifted writing team displays a strong sense of skill and belief. As an accomplished ghost-writing service.

We assure to offer you the best results regardless of the genre, tone, and subject.


Let Us Turn Your Idea into a Bestseller Book

Do you think that your idea can turn into a bestselling book? We can help you make it a reality.
Find a ghostwriter for your book at Lincoln Writes who can join hands with you and give your imagination the wings it needs to fly and the platform to materialize. We at Lincoln Writes believe that learning never stops. This is what makes us dive deep into the information you provide and produce something immaculate which is certain to please and satisfy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that we receive the most from our valued clients. There are plenty of misconceptions about dedicated ghostwriting services.

Conceptually, ghostwriting is the art of writing books for a client who has an idea but not the time to execute and market. We at Lincoln Writes think of ghostwriting as a responsibility that deserves utmost dedication, effort, and commitment.

Our trained, professional, and affordable ghostwriters deliver you the finest quality work without any hassle. Understanding that even though we produce the content, nobody can take credit from you is crucial. It’s safe to say that each ghostwriting project we receive remains the client’s.

YES, we are delighted to inform you that it is 100% a legal practice. It is a recognized writing service that allows authors to get their books edited, written, and formatted, especially if they struggle to find resources, motivation, and creativity to finish writing projects. The easiest way to understand the legality of ghostwriting is that it’s identical to buying a space and then selling it out to make a profit for yourself.

You can find affordable ghostwriters for every niche at Lincoln Writes who are ready to assist you in whatever way possible.

We understand the concern that makes many a clients worry about a ghostwriting service. Many unprofessional ghost-writing services leak and publicize the details from a confidential writing job.

Thankfully, everyone at Lincoln Writes has regard for our client’s privacy and the commitment we make is always upheld. We at Lincoln Writes adhere to industry standards of writing and publishing without any of the details being released to the public, the product always remains yours, from the beginning till the end and even after that.


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