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Why stress when you can hire the best book editing service in USA? Lincoln Writes can help you create a flawless masterpiece that gets the recognition it deserves.

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We transform good writing into great books!

At Lincoln Writes, we believe that book editing is a mandatory step before completing the final draft. Whether you're an award-winning author or a newbie, you're sure to make errors, because well, human limitations. Our professional editors are well-aware of that and therefore provide you with top-notch editing solutions at amazing prices.

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Here's what we can do for you:

Line Editing

A line-by-line editing that involves a detailed form of text correction. It includes careful attention to sentences, clarity, rhythm, and more.

Copy Editing

A detailed editing of your copy to catch developmental, structural, conceptual, or other errors. It includes identifying spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos, and fact-checking.


A quick skimming of your manuscript to catch common errors.


Let Us Turn Your Idea into a Bestseller Book

Do you think that your idea can turn into a bestselling book? We can help you make it a reality.
Find a ghostwriter for your book at Lincoln Writes who can join hands with you and give your imagination the wings it needs to fly and the platform to materialize. We at Lincoln Writes believe that learning never stops. This is what makes us dive deep into the information you provide and produce something immaculate which is certain to please and satisfy.


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