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Biography writing is all about building a connection with your readers by sharing your life experiences. Although it may sound simple, writing it yourself is a tedious matter. Head to Lincoln Writes, where our seasoned biography writers can conduct extensive research to create compelling biographies that let readers engage and inspire

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Biography writing is a complex process involving telling your life events while keeping readers engaged. These stories reflect our lives, so you can't expect to pen down every experience. It may become trivial to know what events and achievements seek importance over others. That's why our Experts at Lincoln Writes are here to guide you. Our experts have a wealth of experience in Biography writing. We'll sit down to learn what kind of a person you are and then use our life events to create a memorable piece for you and an amusing one for the readers.

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What Types of Biographies Can Our Biography Writers Create?

A biography’s primary goal is to inspire and let readers connect with the highs and lows of the subject's life journey so they know how they got there. Everyone's life is a new story, so each may require a different biography writing style. Our professional biography writing services can help with writing these types of biographies.

Professional Bio Writing

Lincoln Writes has exceptional writers for hire who can create impactful custom bios that are perfect for a quick introduction to your reader.

Fictionalized Academic Biography Writing

Sometimes, stories need a little fiction to liven them up. Get the best of both worlds by combining fiction with biographies. Make your bio an amusing, readable piece while keeping information factually correct.

Academic Biography

Our expert writers can create compelling stories while incorporating data and documentation. Accuracy and fact-checking will be implemented at every stage of the writing process.

Prophetic Biography

Our biography writing services not only provide compelling stories, but through these biographies, we aim to write for the betterment of kind and help them inspire real-life experiences.

How Do We Create Custom Biographies For You?

We promise high-quality writing services that are unrivaled. But exactly how? Let's break down our biography writing process.


Before we dive into writing the quality piece, we sit down with you to understand your general requirements and aim for the biography. It doesn't matter how long your story goes. We'll take the time to hear it completely.


After gathering primary data, we’ll conduct extensive research to gather information. Through it, we'll gain insight into how to proceed with the biography writing.

Highlighting Significance

Nobody would want to read about tedious and manual tasks, so we'll take the time to extract the points of your journey that readers would want to know.

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Storytelling Approach

Biography writers focus on telling a story that helps readers relate to the author. As expert storytellers, we'll use a storytelling approach that fits your desired style and tone.

Structure and Organization

Only through a well-structured plot are you able to connect with readers. We ensure our biography writers organize content to create a seamless flow that guides readers from start to finish.


You can't expect a full-fledged piece in one go. That's why our professional biography writing services integrate countless hours of revision to further refine content and flow.

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Biography Writing isn't just writing life stories, but so much more than that. We want to make a connection with readers. We want to tell stories that inspire. To do that, we use the highest quality of biography writing service possible to get our valued customer's message across to their audience and showcase them as professionals and humans. So trust our writers, and we'll turn your life stories into inspiring masterpieces.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Several factors regarding biography writing services come into play, including word count, complexity, interview length, and urgency. However, if you're looking for biography writers for hire at an affordable rate, call us so we can get you started.

Biography writing is a technical skill as it represents your life journey in an engaging matter. Rather than going for any bio writers for hire, take the time to research their skills. Conduct interviews and invest in researchers before hiring a professional biography writing service. If you feel stuck while writing the biography, let Lincoln Writes guide you.

Technically, you don't need exact permission if you're writing about a public figure. However, play it safe and check with your local laws for any objections.

All three are different. A memoir is a subjective account aiming to connect readers with the author through their life events. A biography aims to offer an objective viewpoint of a subject in a chronological pattern. It's more detailed than a memoir and presents the story in a third-person perspective. Lastly, an autobiography covers the author's life journey through their subjective view. If you want to write any three, partner with Lincoln Writes for professional writing services.

We cater to a diverse range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, business content, and more. Whether you're an aspiring author or a business professional, our expert ghostwriters have you covered.

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