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Lincoln Writes a ghostwriting agency situated in USA is a haven for all your literary and documentary needs, no matter the complexities of the idea or manuscript, we take great pride in delivering a product that fulfills your expectations and has the ability to exceed it; our legacy has made us the best ghostwriting agency in USA.

We take pride on being 360-degree solutions-based ghostwriting company which is not confined to genres and can easily mold itself to the client and the reader’s liking. With our diligent and exceptional workforce of professional writers we can juggle varying degrees of literary works ranging from fiction to autobiographies or mystery novels to romantic sagas. We take great pride in the abilities of our writing staff which over achieves in each project they are handed.

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Our team of skillful and dedicated ghostwriters will write a book that leaves you satisfied and gets you rave reviews from readers and critics alike. There is no ceiling to imagination and if you have something to share with the world then we have the vocabulary to go along with it to make the idea more enticing and appealing to the masses. It does not matter if you are a corporate executive, a consultant, a writer, a student, an entrepreneur, or are related to any other field, our writers are well equipped in providing your thoughts the language that the masses yearn for. We also take a very meticulous approach in our projects to ensure that the book represents the ethos and tone of your own personality or the framework you decide for us or want the manuscript to sound like.

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Reading long and tedious odysseys tend to get stale or loose sheen over time, no matter how detailed or informative the subject matter is, the reader sometimes is looking for that little something extra which provides either comic relief or a quip that leaves them with a writing that is more relatable than the rest. When your copy needs a little oomph to get the audiences attention, our team of multi-faceted writers can craft a witty and clever copy to meet these very needs in minimal time. From video campaigns to storyboard content, we offer all solutions. Entrust one of the most professional ghostwriting agency in USA with your ideas, hopes and dreams and let us transform them alongside you into the masterpiece that they are destined to be.

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Book Publishing

Getting a book published is an intricate process, if writing the book is the meat and cooking of the process then publishing is the packaging, garnish and marketing. Editorial support, marketing and publishing requires due diligence. If you are looking for experts who can handle all these laborious and tedious tasks for you then look no further as we are more than willing and able to assist you through our team of experts who have decades of experience behind them.

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Book Marketing

Branding is one of the building blocks of what may become a literary enterprise, it is a strategic and dedicated task requiring proper marketing and brand publicity to create, enhance, retain an image while disseminating positive word of mouth and organized campaigns to garner positive fanfare for the book. Our services are cost effective, time saving and result oriented, ensuring your products gets the limelight it deserves.

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We are here to give your ideas and concepts the wings they need to soar above mediocrity and over abundance of literary choices for readers. You can rely on us to work our magic and produce the epic that you hoped and dreamed for.

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Non Fiction

If you need intelligent, witty, though provoking and fresh marketing ebooks, guides or other non-fiction books then we’ve got you covered. Our expert ghostwriters are rearing to take your project head-on and making it a compelling, must-read.

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