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At Lincoln Writes, we handle your concept needs with care from the brainstorming stage to the final draft. Our bestselling ghostwriters and editors will take your ideas and transform them into a non-fiction book that belongs to the top of the readers' lists.

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Why Should You Acquire Non-Fiction Writing Services For Your Book?


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Transforming your idea into a reality

Through our professional non-fiction writing service, we give your ideas a new dimension. We help you organize them into an engaging and impactful format that your target readers can easily digest.

Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is essential if you want your non-fiction books to reach the bestselling charts. Our ghostwriters find out who your target audience should be and craft your manuscript accordingly.

Life Lessons into Storylines

The best part about utilizing our non-fiction writing services is that we help you communicate about yourself with confidence.

Personalized Approach

We believe that your voice should be heard, but on your terms. With that in mind, our experts implement a customized approach throughout your book writing project.

High-Quality Manuscript

Every book's manuscript is written with attention to detail to ensure high-quality writing. We also offer editing services to maximize the quality.

Strategized Content

We develop plagiarism-free content that is written specifically for you. Our ebooks are tailored according to the needs and pain points of your target readers.


Let Us Turn Your Idea into a Bestseller Book

Do you think that your idea can turn into a bestselling book? We can help you make it a reality.
Find a ghostwriter for your book at Lincoln Writes who can join hands with you and give your imagination the wings it needs to fly and the platform to materialize. We at Lincoln Writes believe that learning never stops. This is what makes us dive deep into the information you provide and produce something immaculate which is certain to please and satisfy.


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