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Knowledge is a powerful tool, and our writers are skilled in harnessing your expertise to craft informative and insightful books. Whether you're an expert in a specialized field, an entrepreneur with valuable insights, or simply someone with a passion for sharing knowledge, we can help you distill your wisdom into written form.

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Why go for Non-Fiction Writing Services?

How can Lincoln Writes Help?

TWorking on a book based on your life? Or maybe you want to present meaningful manuals. Factual information is your number one priority in this type of content. Lincoln Writes is here to help you on your writing journey.

Our non-fiction writing services cover a wide domain, from autobiographies and memoirs to reports and manuals. Our professional writers are experienced in handling huge data sets and creating them into simplified, meaningful pieces of non-fiction content.

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What Makes Lincoln Writes Non-Fiction Writing Services So Special?

As non-fiction writing professionals, we ensure that your ideas are transformed into meaningful content. Here's what to expect from us.

Target Audience

Before writing your non-fiction book, we'll identify your target audience. With an understanding of who to write for, our experts can utilize non-fiction writing techniques to design a specialized manuscript.

Life Lessons into Storylines

If you aim to pass down the life lessons you've learned throughout your life, we can use our non-fiction writing services to help create a compelling life story.

Personalized Approach

Every person has their own story to tell. With that in mind, our non-fiction writing service experts can provide a personalized approach to your book writing project.

High-Quality Manuscript

We take extra care while preparing a manuscript. By incorporating non-fiction writing techniques, we create manuscripts that reflect high quality.

Strategized Content

Our experts go through your target audience, identifying the pain points. It helps us generate strategies to create content focused on your readers.

What Is Our Non-Fiction Writing Design Process?

We don't just come up with non-fiction books with simple ideas. Here's how we design and plan out your project:


We begin the process by having an in-depth discussion to understand your needs and identify the tone style you want and the target audience you will speak to.

Subject Matter Experts

After we've understood your requirements, we assign a subject matter expert according to your needs. Our experts are well-versed in providing your niche-specific content to ensure accuracy.

Clarity and Coherence

Factual information only makes sense when it's clear to read. Our experts utilize non-fiction writing techniques to prioritize the logical flow of ideas. We ensure your readers get a seamless reading experience.

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Extensive Fact-Checking

Even after conducting extensive research to create content, we'll check that the information presented is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date.

Consistency and Style

Your non-fiction book is a reflection of you. Our writers take great care in understanding the style and tone to keep it consistent throughout your work. It ensures that the finalized piece communicates to you with confidence.

Timely Delivery

Our experts value your time. So we ensure that any deadline we commit to, we deliver quality pieces by the agreed-upon time.

Ready to Turn Your Scattered Ideas into an Insightful Guide

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Want to share your story with the world? Or maybe you want to offer people a guide for your product? If so, then our expert writers are what you need. Although most of us can write, only a few can write engagingly. And to make sure your audience gets hooked on your story, you need the help of expert writers. We can assist you in any stage you're stuck in. Furthermore, you don’t even need to have the complete story; by collaborating with us, we’ll fill in those gaps to create a complete non-fiction piece. For any non-fiction writing need, Lincoln Writes is your go-to guide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Non-fiction writing services provide a range of professional assistance in writing compelling and informative content. These services utilize the expertise of skilled writers in research, content organization, and story-telling to create non-fiction content that effectively communicates your ideas to readers. These service professionals can also fact-check information and ensure that it's accurate. With the aid of a professional non-fiction writing agency like Lincoln Writes, you'll benefit from getting compelling non-fiction stories that translate the essence of your subject matter to your target audience.

Absolutely! Our non-fiction writers take accuracy seriously. We conduct extensive research, collect information, and verify facts throughout the non-fiction writing. We'll ensure the information presented in the finalized piece is accurate and up-to-date.

As professional non-fiction writers, we conduct comprehensive research and utilize reliable sources to ensure accuracy and credibility. In addition, we focus on assigning projects to writers with specialized knowledge in the field.

The price of hiring a non-fiction writing service can vary depending on the complexity and your specific needs. A professional non-fiction writing agency can provide a transparent pricing structure per your needs. If you need a detailed quote for our non-fiction writing service, feel free to contact us.

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