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Originality is at the heart of every great book, and at Lincoln Writes, we prioritize ensuring that your content is unique and distinctive. We work closely with you to understand your vision, characters, and plot, breathing life into your ideas while maintaining the authenticity of your voice.

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Anyone can dream about writing a book, but not everyone has the skills to make that dream a reality. You don’t need to be a word wizard, an industry professional, or a literary genius to become a successful author. Still, you need original, creative, and grammatically correct content. For that, Lincoln Writes can be your guide. We are among the top eBook writing services in the USA. Take the first step of completing your book by contacting us.

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Our Professional EBook Writing Services

Regardless of what stage you're at in your writing journey. Our Top-Notch eBook Writing Service can make your dream of becoming a published author.

Native Writers

Our innovative team approach to the book-writing & publishing process offers clients focused attention from multiple industry experts through every step of the process.

Genre Specific Writers

Every eBook is different, as every idea, subject, and author is unique. We've built a specialized professional eBook writing service team that knows how to deal with such diversity. Get quality content for any genre.

Comprehensive Services

Turning an idea into a final piece requires several processes, including brainstorming, ideation, outlining the draft, writing, editing, beta testing, and marketing. Professional eBook writing services cover every aspect of the process.

What Makes Us Different from Other EBook Writing Services in the USA

With millions of businesses claiming to provide cheap eBook writing or ghostwriting services, You might wonder what makes Lincoln Writes different.

Discovery Phase

We believe your eBook should be a reflection of that. Our savvy writers sit down to pen down all your eBook requirements, taking special care of your unique ideas, goals, vision, and target audience.

Planning and Outlining

Each eBook requires specialized planning and outlining to help create a proper draft of your story. We go for a specialized approach in planning to get your idea reflected in our final product.

Research & Content Creation

You can't create a complete book with a single idea; research is crucial to make it a reality. We value quality and utilize countless hours in the rigorous research process.

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Editing and Refinement

After completing the draft, our seasoned eBook writing service professionals undergo a detailed editing process to ensure it is nearly perfect.

Collaborative Authorship

We don't just take your idea and hand you over the final piece. We believe that your involvement is crucial. That's why we try to involve you in every part of the writing journey.

Proofreading & Final Check

Our eBook writing service experts scan the finalized piece with laser accuracy to track down any grammatical issues and formatting errors.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of writing an eBook may vary depending on factors such as length, complexity, genre, and service provider. Cheap eBook writing services may offer a low-end range of $125 to $250. However, in terms of low cost, they may lack in quality. Get an accurate cost estimate from our industry experts.

AEBook writing services are specialized services to aid in writing a quality eBook. As specialized service providers, we take your ideas through a rigorous writing process to create quality pieces ready for publishing.

There is no common rule regarding the page length. However, the best-selling eBook is anywhere between 20-50 pages. Depending on your requirements, our professional eBook writing services can create your eBook per the page length you need. Get in touch with us for a cost estimate.

Several eBook topics are profitable. These include Children's books, finance, self-improvement, cooking, genre-specific, etc. If you have a specific idea for a book, contact us for reliable eBook writing services.

Writing an eBook doesn't require being a literary genius or industry professional. You may hire eBook ghostwriting services to have your idea transformed into a finalized book.

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