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In a rapidly evolving digital age, eBooks have become an integral part of the modern publishing landscape. They offer a versatile and accessible platform to connect with readers across the globe. Lincoln Writes is your trusted partner in this digital revolution, ready to navigate the intricacies of eBook publishing on your behalf.

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As you've created a book jam-packed with information that's going to benefit others, your next step is finding the right book publishing services. We know the challenges you can face when you decide on an eBook publisher. Unlike other eBook publishing platforms that take control over your work as soon as they get hold of it, at Lincoln Writers, we assure you full control with 100% royalties. With our seamless eBook publishing services, you must inform us as soon as you finish your manuscript, and we'll start the publishing process.

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Why Trust Our Book & eBook Publishing Services?

Book publishing can seem daunting, and with so many complexities involved, hiring a professional may seem like the best option. We know eBook publishing services can be a frightening experience for some due to fear of losing control over your project, but we want to assure you we're different. Here are some facts regarding our book and eBook publishing process so you know we mean you no harm.

Insider Connections

Publishing agents are a challenge to acquire when it comes to publishing your book yourself. However, by partnering up with a professional publishing company like Lincoln Writes, contacting them becomes easier. With our seamless connection with top publishing agents, independent presses, and Big 5 Publishers, we'll ensure your finalized books get the recognition they deserve.

Proven Results

Regardless of the complexities of the publishing process, results are the only thing that matters. And that's what we also stand for. We're not one of those eBook publishers that are all bark and no bite. Proven results back our services. We have a long list of best sellers in our portfolio. We worked on strategies and proposals that have led our clients to acquire 6-7 figure deals on their final piece.

Self-Publishing Service

The Self-publishing approach has become increasingly popular for authors due to high creative control and ownership over their work. We don't just work on getting your book publicized, but we ensure to act as your guide on your book's journey from manuscript to final product. Our industry experts aid you in every step of your book publishing, from preparing query letters to connecting you with the industry's best publishers.

Book Printing Service

We don't just ensure that your work gets published on the web. But we're here for you if you also opt for hard copies. As part of our publishing package, we can make it happen. Either you want some printed books for author signup or more printed versions up front.

What’s Our eBook Publishing Process?

Here are key features to expect from our eBook publishing services:

Global Reach

Our publishing process is tailored to enhance your eBook visibility on a global scale. As an experienced eBook publishing platform, we'll ensure your work ranges on multiple online channels.


Cost can run high when you involve professional eBook publishing services. But you don’t have to worry; Lincoln Writes focuses on a cost-effective approach.

Quick Publishing Process

We ensure a streamlined process from the manuscript to the published final piece so it gets delivered to readers sooner.

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Reader Interactivity

The reader’s experience matters. We’ll ensure that your work is optimized for various multimedia devices. Furthermore, we’ll ensure your eBook delivers an immersive reader experience.

Easy Updates and Revisions

Want to make small changes in your eBook but send it for publishing? Our processes allow you to easily update your eBook so you deliver a quality piece.

Revisions and Editing:

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer flexible revisions and expert editing to refine every detail until it aligns with your vision.

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Our dedicated team of experts understands how writers can struggle when partnered up with inexperienced eBook publishing platforms during the publishing process. Sometimes getting a subpar final product, other times surrendering control over their work.
We're here to be the shining light in eBook publishing. Not only do we get your book to reach millions worldwide, but we also ensure that it is presentable and immersive. We'll aid you in your publishing journey, from handling the manuscript to connecting you with the right publisher.
Share your stories with the world as your eBook publishing guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

eBook Publishing costs can vary depending on several factors, including length, complexity, and personal preferences. The publishing cost can also vary among different eBook publishing platforms. To get a better idea of how much publishing your eBook may cost, contact us to get a better overview of our publishing package pricing.

Although there's no law against selling your digital product, there are several challenges to it. It includes low discoverability, visibility, and, ultimately, low sales. Through a publishing company like Lincoln Writes, you have a better chance of connecting with publishing agents who can turn your manuscript into a profitable digital book.

Short stories are among the most popular and profitable genres in eBooks. If you're a master at creating short stories, Lincoln Writes is your partner in helping you reach out to that audience.

Selling eBooks online is a profitable venture. Through marketing and publishing through the right company, you can start your passive income through selling eBooks.

Electronic Publication or EPUB is the most common format for eBooks as they can work on any device, with the only exception being Kindle. Get in touch with us for additional understanding of other formats to publish your eBook in.


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