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Are you looking to become the next Roald Dahl or Dr. Seuss, who inspire millions of children worldwide? Then, apart from the right literary skills, you also need the right team of children’s book editors. You can easily find the team you are looking for with our children's book editing services, as we excel in Children's book editing.

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How are Children's Book Editors Different from Normal Ones?

Children's Book Editing Help Better Connect Your Manuscript with the Young Audience. When writing a book for any age, the number one thing that matters is that the book can connect with its intended audience. Children’s books aren’t so different. Just like writing, you also require specialized editing that helps you look at everything from the lens of a child.

At Lincoln Writes, we can provide those specialists that can help turn your books into children's favorites. We offer editors for children’s books, so consider us to make your young audience-targeted stories even better.

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What Exactly Do We Offer with Expert Children's Book Editing Services?

Among the specialist content book creation agencies in the US, Lincoln Writes excels in providing children’s book editing services to help aspiring authors craft children’s books. Here’s what to expect from our service:

Developmental Editing

Age-appropriateness is crucial when working on children’s literature. Our team of editors for children’s books helps writers align their language, content, and theme with their intended audience.

Grammar and Language Polishing

As editors are responsible for proofreading the document before final delivery, they need to ensure that the manuscript is free from any misspellings or typos. We’ll provide a comprehensive review to polish your manuscript.

Professional Editing Team

We house some of the best children’s book editors. Our experts are specially trained and have years of experience in the industry in editing children’s literature. In addition, our editors also possess a strong grasp of grammar and language.

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Whether working on a picture book or an academic one, the one thing that truly matters is having a children’s book editor on deck.
Lincoln Writes is your best answer to editing children's books.

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What Makes Our Children's Book Editors Different from the Rest?

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At Lincoln Writes, our children’s book editors stand out as pioneers in literary editing. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence, and it’s our passion and expertise.

We have a deep understanding of children’s literature, and with the wealth of experience shared by our editors of children’s books, we can fine-tune your manuscript so that it can resonate with younger minds.

Our team is our greatest asset, providing unparalleled quality service through which they help connect aspiring authors with the hearts and minds of young readers.

Choose Lincoln Writes for an extraordinary editing journey that brings Children’s books to life.

How We Collaborate with You

Sure, there are other children’s book editing services out there, but do they offer a simplified children’s book editing process:

Initial Consultation:

Your children’s book editing journey will start with a meeting between you and our respondents. Here, we will consider your vision and mission for writing a book.

Proposal Agreement:

Once we’re done with consultation, we’ll outline a detailed proposal that would outline the scope, timeline, and cost of the project. Once you agree on the proposal, we’ll get to work.


Using development editing practices, we’ll enhance the book’s quality. However, we’ll also ensure you’re a part of the process through feedback.

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Grammar Enhancement:

Using our expert language skills, we’ll thoroughly scan your book for any errors, such as misspellings and typos, to ensure the text reads flawlessly.

Illustrator Integration:

Once we’re done with the text, our picture book editors will then consider looking at your picture book's visual elements.

Final Review:

Once we’re done reviewing, we’ll perform a final check to ensure everything is aligned. Once satisfied, we’ll send the refined document back to you.

Connect with Lincoln Writes-Make your Book a Success!

Your Story Our Children’s Book Editors- An Equation of a Bestselling Book

At Lincoln Writes, we want to bring your stories to life. If you’re an aspiring author dedicated to writing for a younger audience, then partnering up with a children’s book editor is your key to success.
If you’re looking for a “children's book editor near me,” we’re here to provide local expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that your voice resonates with every word. Trust us to turn your manuscript into a best-selling book with our children’s book editing services.

Get the Right Book Editor for the Right Audience Today!

Whether working on a picture book or an academic one, the one thing that truly matters is having a children’s book editor on deck.
Lincoln Writes is your best answer to editing children's books.

Get in touch if you want your book to connect with the young audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of editing a children’s book can vary depending on various factors. This includes project complexity, book-length, and genre. We recommend contacting a professional children’s book editing service, such as Lincoln Writes, to get a fair estimate.

Yes, apart from children's book editing service, we also have picture book editors that can help align your story with the visual elements of your book.

We edit a wide range of children’s book genre, which include:
  • Picture books
  • Middle-grade novels
  • Young adult fiction

The timeline of the editing process varies based on the project’s complexity. After initial consultation, we will provide a detailed timeline in the proposal. The editing process may take around several weeks to polish your manuscript and deliver a final piece.


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