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Around 300 million books are self-published annually worldwide. With such a high volume of books on the market, authors face fierce competition for reader’s attention. So, what steps should you take to improve your book sales as an author? Book marketing and promotion services are your best solution.

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Why do you Need a Book Marketing Company?

It’s Not a Solo Endeavor

According to Comscore, 64% of readers will likely purchase books after viewing an online advertisement. And that's only possible through the utilization of effective book marketing strategies. Writing a book and marketing it are two different things entirely. Even though an author has a way with words, that doesn't exactly mean they can market. Book marketing is a whole other story, for which you need the help of an expert.

Partnering with a book marketing company like Lincoln Writes is the way to go. We can guide you through the complexities of marketing by implementing effective strategies. We'll help with the book marketing plan formation that helps attract customers. Through our assistance, you'll be sure to reach the right audience and drive your book sales toward success.

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What Separates Us from Other Online Book Marketing Services?

Although anyone can claim to be a book marketing "expert," only a handful of online book marketing services differ. Here's how we compare to other book marketing services:

Tailored Book Marketing Strategies for Each Author

We believe every author's book is unique. They are separated by different genres, goals, and target readers. So, they require specialized book marketing strategies. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” solution, our experts design customized marketing plans tailored to the author's book.

Data-Driven Insights

We don't just come up with book marketing plans. Our marketing strategies and techniques are backed up with extensive data and insight. Our experts analyze marketing trends, reader preferences, and engagement metrics to make decisions for book promotion.

Building your Book Brand

You can't expect a book to become a best-seller after its launch. It requires building a book brand image that helps make a lasting impression. Luckily, our book promotion services can assist with that.

Multichannel Approach

The goal of book marketing is to increase awareness among the public. You need to implement a multichannel approach to improve your book's chances of success. That's no problem for us, as we implement digital marketing to target audiences on different platforms on the internet.

Content Production

We also provide specially designed content such as blogs, articles, and press releases to help improve your target reader's awareness of your book.

What Our Book Marketing and Promotion Plan Looks Like:

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from our book marketing and promotion services:

Define Marketing Goals

First, we start by understanding your goals for the book launch. Knowing what you aim for with the book's release can help us devise an effective book marketing plan.

Identify Target Audience

Next, we'll take the time to identify your book's ideal readers. Understanding your target audience's demographics, interests, and preferences helps in devising effective marketing strategies.

Personalized Approach

As every book is different, we create a personalized approach for each book we market. That means using strategies that align with the book's genre and theme to better connect with readers.

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Industry Connections

We'll use our extensive network connections to help promote your book. It includes using different media outlets, bloggers, and other connections to improve reader awareness.

Marketing Techniques

We thrive on innovation. We adopt innovative digital marketing techniques to ensure our marketing approach remains fresh.

Results-Oriented Approach

As a professional book promotion service, we focus on tangible results. That means we measure our marketing plan's success through tangible aspects such as increased book sales, visibility, and online presence.

Books Don’t Become bestsellers overnight!

Maximize your Book Sales with Effective Book Promotion Services

Most new writers assume their book will become a bestseller after launch. But the reality is far from it. With increased self-published books, the book market has become quite fierce, with authors fighting for readers' attention. But who says you have to do it alone? Lincoln Writes is your book marketing expert.
Our book promotion services can assist you with creating an effective book marketing plan aimed toward grabbing your target audience's attention. In addition, we'll also help with its execution to ensure success after launch. Although we can't promise to turn your book into a best seller overnight, we can ensure to promote it far and wide to help drive sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a professional book promotion service can do wonders for your book sales. They can help devise book marketing strategies to help with book promotion. Get in touch with us if you need an expert for book promotion.

AA book marketer focuses on creating book marketing strategies to ultimately improve its sales. These service providers have in-depth knowledge of the book market and help you navigate the complexities of marketing.

Before hiring a book marketing company, look for these specific traits:
1. Highly responsive to feedback.
2. Provide constant updates.
3. Tailors your marketing plan as per your needs.

Although there's no rule against marketing your book on your own, as the competition for reader's attention is so fierce, it's best to have a professional book marketing service by your side.

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