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At Lincoln Writes, you will find talented and experienced illustrators and designers who have dedicated their entire careers to crafting beautiful book covers and illustrations. They are also well-versed in how your book can generate sales through brilliant designs.

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Best Cover Design Services

When it comes to art, there’s no limit to what we can do. For example, our premier book cover design service in USA offers a cover design that can speak for the entire book.

A cover design is much more than just a fancy illustration or template – it’s a piece of art. You have to make it stand out with thoughtful typesetting and a smart layout. Many little things may seem insignificant but need to be taken care of. In most cases, only an expert can handle this task well.

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Professional Book Cover Design Service

Lincoln Writes can create accounts for your book on different eBook retail and distribution stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashword, Google Books, Apple Books, and others.

Custom Book Layout Design

With one of the best book cover design services in USA, you’ll get a bespoke layout for your book that sets you apart from the rest. Rest assured, our designers are rated highly for their quality standards, so you’ll know that you’re working with the best.

Typesetting, Logo Marks & Icons

Send us your manuscript and let our professional book cover design experts complete the rest. They arrange your words on the page so beautifully that it’s incredibly easy for the readers to absorb.

Full Book Interiors

Our designers can also use imagery, text, and other color photos to make your books the best they can be. Whether it’s a cookbook, children’s book, or a memoir, our designers know what they must do.

Assigning Your Project

After you submit your manuscript, we connect you with a designer. You can share your ideas and discuss what your book is all about.


To ensure that your designs are exceptional, our designers will keep you in the loop throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and they can get the best book cover design.

Finalize Your Project

After you finalize the designs, we will send you all the parent files to move towards the publishing process. If you want Lincoln Writes to publish your books, you can visit our publishing section.


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