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Whether you're an award-winning author or a freelance writer for hire, lay your career's foundation with an expertly crafted website. Lincoln Writes has a team of exceptional author website designers that will offer a hub for you and your writers to connect. Through us, your online presence is sure to skyrocket. Your professional website is just a click away.

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Custom Author Web Design Services

Like how you, as an author, bring your story to life through words, we'll bring your website vision to life. Even if you need a website made from scratch, our professional author website designers will build it from the ground up. And that's not all. We'll also provide Search Engine Optimization for your website to ensure you remain the top choice not only in your genre but also in people's searches. We'll cover everything, from updating web design to maintaining it for search engine optimization. With us, you can design a website that truly captures your reflection.

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What Makes Our Author Website Design Services Different?

So, what makes us different from the rest? Well, here's why our services are unmatched:

Unique Author Website Design

As every author is unique, we focus on reflecting that uniqueness in your web design. We'll create a captivating web page through our author website design services to get the visitor's attention.

Author Website SEO

Apart from website design, we’ll also ensure your website is search-engine friendly so you show up in people’s searches. Through implementing proper SEO strategies, we’ll help increase your website’s reach to a wider audience.

Content Production

We'll also generate unique content for your website that can help with reader engagement. Using our content production, you can inform, educate, and entertain readers regarding your work.

What to Expect from Our Author Website Design Services?

If you're wondering about how we design your websites from scratch. Here's a step-by-step guide to our website creation process:

Define Your Goals:

First, we'll sit down with you and identify what your goal is for the website. By understanding the main aim of your site, we'll be able to focus on how to go about with the website design.

Design and Development:

Next, our author website designers will craft a preliminary design concept of how the website will look, using the ideas you'll provide.

SEO Content Selection:

Next, we'll curate SEO strategies and incorporate them into the preliminary design to improve the visibility and reach of your website. Our team will use several whitehead SEO strategies to ensure your content remains on top of the searches.

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(UX) Testing:

Before launch, we'll also audit the site for user experience. We want your visitors to navigate your site easily. Testing will help tweak and remove any obstacles hindering the user experience.

Sitemaps and KW Research:

Next, we'll construct a well-structured sitemap and conduct thorough keyword research to boost our search rankings.

Mockup website:

After forming the final piece, we'll share the mockup with you for final approval before launch. We value your feedback, so feel free to share any changes you want, and we'll gladly do it for you.

Want a Channel to Showcase Your Work?

Create a Stunning Website with our Expert Author Website Designers!

Don't you have a proper channel to promote your work? Want to increase your audience's reach? Want to have a virtual home of your own on the web? You require a professional author website if you answered "Yes" to all these questions. Luckily for you, our author website design services can make it happen.
Our team will take your simple ideas of what you want from your website and create a stunning website that's easy for you to manage and simple for readers to navigate. With our assistance, you're sure to catch the audience's attention. Our author website designers are just a click away.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An author website is an online platform to connect with their readers, form their brand, and sell their books. You can create a quality website by partnering with professional author website design services.

An author's website's cost can vary depending on domain cost, expertise, urgency, etc. To get a fair cost estimate, feel free to contact us. Not only are our services top-notch, but affordable as well.

Whether you're a successful author or on the road to becoming one, every writer needs a platform to connect with their readers. An author website helps build your brand and serves as an excellent tool for marketing for your books. You can get your website created with the help of our author website design services.

Unfortunately no, you can't create your website for free, even if you don't seek help from a professional. You will need to buy a domain and make yearly payments. Furthermore, you can't expect your site to reach the audience without proper SEO strategies. So, partnering up with an expert who can build your site and boost its ranking is the best way to go.

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