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Every book has a story to tell. But reading them can be a hassle. Whether you're an author who wants to bring your words to life or a publisher who seeks quality narration, Lincoln Writes’ professional audiobook services are your solution. By partnering with us, you will surely give your masterpiece a voice.

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But Why Audiobooks?

Some of you new to writing might ask, “Why go for audiobooks in the first place? Aren't hard copies enough? Well, to put it simply, audiobooks are the future. As we've entered the era of technology, it has sped up communication and every aspect of life. With multitasking becoming the norm, audiobooks present the solution to enjoying literacy while we go about our daily lives. Audiobook narrations remove the hassle of “sitting down with a good book." It lets people enjoy them while driving or taking care of day-to-day chores. So, if you have a hardback or a digital copy, it's time to turn it into virtual audio media.

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Why our Audio Book Services are Great?

As every story is unique, so is how to tell it to the world. We want to tell your amazing story as you intend, so our team uses high-quality audio recording services. Here's why our services are top-notch.

Inclusive Approach

As we want your story to reach a wider audience, we focus on an inclusive approach to telling it. Most readers often struggle with long text forms, but this approach makes our audiobooks simpler to listen to and understand.

Imaginative World

Using words as keys to the imaginative world is a gift only gifted authors possess. However, it can be hard to convey visual elements through voice. But you don't have to worry. Lincoln Writes possesses the best narrators and soundscapes to bring your story to life.

Comprehensive Audio Book Services

We’re not just here to offer fiction audiobooks; with us, we'll give a voice to any book type you have. Whether you want to narrate your autobiography or preach self-help books, we're here to help. We're just a call away.

What is Our Audio Book Service Process?

Here's what's in store in our audiobook creation process:

Initial Consultation

During this initial discussion, the client shares their vision for the audiobook trailer, including key themes, target audience, and any specific ideas they have in mind.

Script Development

Once the client's vision is understood, Lincoln Writes' team of experienced scriptwriters will develop a compelling script for the audiobook trailer. This script will capture the essence of the audiobook.

Voice Talent Selection

Lincoln Writes provides a range of voice talent options for clients to choose from. The client can listen to voice samples and select the narrator whose voice best suits the tone and style of the audiobook.

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Audio Production

The selected voice talent records the script, and Lincoln Writes' audio production team adds music, sound effects, and any additional elements necessary to create a captivating audiobook trailer.

Review and Feedback

The client receives the first draft of the audiobook trailer and has the opportunity to provide feedback. Lincoln Writes is open to revisions to ensure the final product aligns with the client's vision.

Final Delivery

After incorporating any requested changes, Lincoln Writes delivers the final audiobook trailer to the client in the desired format. The client can then use this trailer for promotional purposes.

Have a Book that has Potential?

Let Us Bring It Out with Our Audio Book Services!

Have you written a book that has the potential to become a bestseller? Then why not maximize its reach with our audiobook services? The audiobook an exciting opportunity to share your story. With millions of readers listening to audiobooks daily, it's a surefire way to improve your book's reach.
Lincoln Writes is your go-to crew for creating compelling audiobooks. Our expert team can help you during any step you're stuck at, from voice talent selection to delivery and distribution. So, don't wait; contact us to transform your book into a successful audiobook.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Audiobook services help convert books into an audio format using narrations, soundscapes, and special sound effects. It can broaden your book's reach from the reading audience to the listening audience.

The cost of audiobook creation can vary depending on factors such as urgency, audio book-length, voice actor cost, etc. However, we promise our services to be top-notch and affordable. Just give me a call.

The creation of an audiobook can vary depending on factors such as urgency, audio book length, recording, and production time. However, through our seamless processes, we ensure to create it in the quickest time possible. Get in touch with us for expert audiobook services.

The best way to convert a book into an audiobook is by partnering with a professional audiobook service. We can turn your book into an audio masterpiece ready for distribution.

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