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The best promotion campaigns succeed because they are carefully developed for individual authors and titles. It means diving in and getting to know the work — at Lincoln Writes, we understand how to promote to both readers and media.

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Our book marketing services are tailored to your goals, your genre, and your skill level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your current efforts, we’re here to guide you to better book promotion.

Over the years, Lincoln Writes has launched many USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble bestsellers.

We've partnered with some of the biggest independent, hybrid, and traditional publishers in the world and are fortunate enough to be able to work with amazing authors.

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The Tactics We Use to Successfully Promote Your Books


When media write or broadcast stories about your work and books, it improves credibility and sparks readers’ interest in discovering more.

Social Media

We post content that attracts followers and allows you as an author to communicate with your readers, building word-of-mouth for your work.

Appearances & Events

Meeting people and getting your story out is highly effective. Holding book events makes your story memorable for readers and newsworthy.


You can instill interest in your readers by doing well in appearances and interviews, you build relationships that spark interest and sales.


Author appearances in short videos posted to a YouTube channel are highly effective in reaching readers who are interested in your topic.


High GoodReads visibility and on similar sites help readers to discover your work. Maintaining profiles take time, but it's worth the efforts.

Trade Shows
& Expos

Getting out and meeting people in-person is a great way to build relationships and interest; people like to read more from people they know.


Because reviews can be critical drivers of reader interest, people publishing favorable opinions about your work can provide you a sales boost.

Why Choose Our Services

So it's clear why getting media's attention and other book marketing tactics will make you stand out and increase your book sales, but the question remains — why choose us for your book promotion & marketing?

Personalized Service

We design a specific set of services for each unique author and book. Our experienced publicists take the time to research media contacts and reach out to them in a personalized manner, making all the difference.

Extended Experience

Lincoln Writes has no junior publicists. Every member of our team is experienced. Most of our publicists have been with us for over five years and many for over ten. This is rare in the book publicity industry.

Team Approach

We often use two publicists on a campaign, alongside a Team Manager and Director of Publicity who are either involved or supervising every campaign. This is to ensure every campaign receives maximum attention.

Campaigns Backup

If a publicist appointed on a particular campaign is unavailable for any reason, our team structure allows for a seamless transition to another publicist or manager already closely involved in the campaign.

Creative Tactics

Lincoln Writes employ unique book promotion strategies and tactics no other firm does, and our ability to make books and authors stand out from the crowd is well-known with both media and publishers.

Client Case Study

Initially, our client had only a few sales despite multiple marketing strategies and very good reviews. People weren't even willing to pay $2.99 for our client's book. After, Lincoln Writes got him on various news sites, our client's sales skyrocketed. Have a look!

Few of the Many Books We've Published So Far

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How Our Book Promotion Process Works?

At Lincoln Writes, we have created a streamlined book editing process that ensures to transform your rough draft into a polished prose. Have a look!

Order Placement

You'll pick a suitable service and book promotion package, and fill our form to provide your requirements.

Expert Consultation

One of our marketing experts will talk to you in detail about your marketing & promotion goals.

Plan Outlining

We will devise a detailed book promotion startegy for you and start working on it after approval.

Boost Your Sales!

As soon as we start following our marketing tactics, you'll see a rise in your book visibility & sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past years, we have built partnerships with companies that have millions of subscribers in their email lists who are notified when a book in their preferred genre comes out at a discounted price. We make promotional content for your book and send out the emails to qualified subscribers to get the sales for your eBook. We also run paid advertisement campaigns for your book on various platforms. Naturally, the “better” your book is, the more sales you’ll get.
Our results vary for each book and its respective campaign. Below are the typical results of sales for our bestseller marketing campaigns:
  • Book Launch: 300–1,000 eBook copies.
  • Book Launch+: 1,000–2,000 eBook copies.
  • Full Distribution Launch: 5,000–15,000 eBook copies.
Our team of award-winning editors have worked for traditional publishers, and some are published authors themselves. In addition, we've worked with a variety of self-publishing services over many years. The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary are our go-to guides. Our multistep quality-check process ensures accuracy. Rest assured that every one of our experienced professional editors offers world-class book editing services.
You just need a completed book (or you can hire us for writing a book for you!) and your marketing budget.
Great question! Fill our signup for right away to get started!

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Hired Lincoln Writes for promotion and marketing of my new story book for children. They did an amazing job. Before I hired them, there were close to no sales for my book. It keeps increasing now!

Gavin Wyatt

I have worked with Lincoln Writes many times over the years for my memoir, book proposal, and articles. With each interaction, their team provided excellent editorial services. Highly recommended!

Leah Tyler

I loved their services and my experience was really smooth. The team helped me with book promotion and publishing. Their services were beyond my expectations. Definitely recommending it in my circle!

Ken Adams

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